Burger King near me

Burger King restaurant is mostly specialized in hamburgers. They have a wide choice of hamburgers with different toppings and sauces. You can find Burger king near me on google maps or on the list below. The thing that they really try to encourage is King Jr Meals. Those are meals specifically prepared for children and they are just the size which children are able to finish without throwing food away. 

What is also very interesting is that with that King Jr Meal, children get a toy. This also encourages parents and children to buy King Jr Meal. Regardless to hamburgers, and the fact that they are specialized in hamburgers. They also offer hot dogs, salads, sweets, coffee, and beverages. The good thing about Burger King restaurant is that they also offer a low fat milk, and low fat chocolate milk. So there is a bit for everyone who enjoys food and wants to eat there. Probably the most wanted food in the Burger King near me is the famous onion rings which you should definitely try if you didn't yet.

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