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McDonald's is one of the many restaurants which offers fast food. It is known in the whole world, but only 3 countries never had or planned on having McDonald's in the country. As for the location of the McDonald's, they tend to be located in the heart of every city and on a few corners as you walk through any town. Fast food which is being served has a really nice and soluble taste in your mouth. If you are looking for McDonald's near me, you came to the right place.

They recently added salads and more healthy foods. The thing by which McDonald's is mostly known is the kids commercials and kids menu. It seems that McDonald's is trying to have as many kids eating their food as possible. Today, kids dream mostly is to go to McDonald's for the night out with their parents. As for the grown ups they have really decent choice on the menu.

Whether you want coffee or just a dessert, McDonald's is your place to go to. Their wide menu of hot drinks and coffee looks very tempting, but you can tell by the titles of their desserts that they look more tempting than anything else on the menu. Except the Big Mac of course. We could also say that they have got a good team as for their slogan. I bet if you asked anyone random on the street "What is McDonald's slogan?" They would know. You know why? Because,"I'm lovin' it." We can notice if looking a bit closely that McDonal's significantly grew over the past years. From the simple and still the best hamburger called "The Big Mac" which was introduced in the 1958. They have come to the salad and something burrito like. What is a very handy thing is that they are open 24 hours.

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