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If you are wanting fast food, but don’t really feel like eating the same deep fried food. The next thing that probably comes to mind is Mexican food, and with it, tacos near me. The taco is a traditional Mexican dish. Main ingredient is a corn or wheat tortilla rolled around a filling. This filling can consist of various elements (beef, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables) which you can combine as you like. Like most fast food, the taco is traditionally meant to be eaten without utensils.

Much like other fast foods, the origins of the taco are not very clear. Although the people of Mexico take a lot of pride in calling it their dish. But there is evidence that points to the taco being a dish way before the Spanish conquistadors came around. In fact, it seems like the first taco was actually filled with small fish and consumed by the indigenous people in the lake region of the Valley of Mexico.

Much like pizza, the traditional taco can be served in many forms (shepherd style, grill tacos, shrimp, etc.) but the tortilla is, traditionally, soft. The hard-shell tortilla we tend to associate with tacos is actually an invention that came later when. Due to its popularity, most fast food chains started making this delicious Mexican dish and needed a way to keep the tortilla in a U shape. While, at the same time, having to avoid the contents spilling over.

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